Make your first VR video for FREE!

Shooting a VR video is FREE!!!

VR stereo video converter

VR stereo video converter

Are you interested in VR? You never believed how easy is it to shoot Virtual Reality video yourself!


Let’s see first the result: wide screen full 3D videos what you can watch on your Gear VR, Oculus or other VR headset and even on your 3D TV!


This page helps you to create your first stereoscopic VR video for FREE! All the software we are using are for free, you just need two similar type of cameras and a bit of patience. As a result you can enjoy your own Videos on your VR headset. Are you interested how?

stereo VR camera

stereo VR camera

You need to have two simple cameras (if possible the same type):

The Xiaomi Yi cameras are currently probably the best value for money cameras currently available. you can read a lot about these cameras online. i can just recommend them.


plus a camera mount:

with the mount you need to fix the two cameras next to each other the way that the distance between the objectives is about 6.5cm-s. you can see in the attached picture that i did use a plastic rod with two screws to fix the two Xiaomi Yi cameras together. you should then fix both the cameras on a tripod. this is important as using the VR headset any motion of the picture can be very disturbing.


the camera firmware:

the cameras should have the same firmware (internal software). It is wort wile to update your camera to the latest software available. This can help you improve the quality of the recording. what is important that both the cameras do have the same setup, therefore if possible the same firmware version.

Stereoscopic camera set

Stereoscopic camera set


set up the cameras:

We recommend to use a frame rate of 60FPS for VR purposes. This is crucial as in VR. You need to make sure that the two cameras are capturing as

close to each other as possible. GoPro is working on a solution what makes sure that all the cameras all the frames are shooting at the same time. Until this technology is out the higher frame rate you are using the more accurately you can align the two set of frames. This is especially disturbing in fast movements, when the object gets to a different position on the left eye than on the right… this can get very disturbing, and can make your shot useless.

using 1K resolution can be enough, depending on your VR headset screen. on a Gear VR e.g. you can not really differentiate a 2K of a 1K resolution. Probably this will change over time, so the higher resolution the better. a Yi camera can perform 1K resolution with 60FPS.


Stereoscopic video for free!

Stereoscopic video for FREE!


If possible bring spare batteries/usb charger with you to the shooting, the action cameras normally do not last long…




While doing the shooting take care to have the mount fixed. We would not recommend you to move the camera around. Launch your cameras at the same time and stop them when finished. if possible make a loud noise at the beginning and at the end of the movie, this helps with the synchronization.



Create the stereo movie – where the magic happens!

Copy the movies onto your computer call them differently mentioning in the name the eye (Left or Right). From here its very easy. Just open the VR stereo video converter from TheVRbrothers and move the respective movies into their place. If you want you can still do some minor adjustments, but the software will do the rest.

What is the VR stereo video converter good for?

  • Easy to use aligning the video shots to each other that the videos are matching for every frame
  • Making the Stereo conversion of the video
  • Adjusting the colors of the shot, aligning the color set of the videos
  • Creating a stereo sound based on the audio inputs from the two cameras


With this you can make your stereoscopic 3D movie capturing the moment in 3D as never before!

VR stereo video converter

VR stereo video converter


How to play the movie?

You can use any VR video player: e.g. AAA VR cinema. to save you time with the setup of the cinema app please see here some points:

  • The app will automatically recognize that the video is “stacked” frames under each other.
  • We recommend screen size 130
  • With full rotation option.