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VR content creation rules

Let us list some VR content creation rules. If you’re a developer interested in beginning to work with VR, whether targeting Cardboard or other headsets like the Oculus Rift check out this article.

An interesting tool to try is Cardboard Design Lab. Plug your phone into a Cardboard-style headset, open the lab — created in partnership with design studio UsTwo — and you’ll get a short guided tour through the best practices for virtual environments. Another tool might be interesting to try out is EON Creator, what you can download from This tool helps you saving time with designing VR applications.

VR content creation rules

The Cartboard Design App from Google

using this you will learn some basic VR rules like:

There’s one very simple rule in virtual reality development: don’t make people sick.

  • apps should maintain a stable horizon line
  • head tracking needs to remain engaged so people can navigate environments smoothly
  • the best distance to place text is about 3 virtual meters this is far enough to comfortably focus)
  • uneven acceleration and quick transitions can lead to nausea,
  • fading to black, or using audio to help with the transition to a new scene can help a lot
  • you can guide users with using the light to scenes and directions


hope these help you with your first try!

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