cartboard design app
Let us list some VR content creation rules. If you’re a developer interested in beginning to work with VR, whether targeting Cardboard or other headsets like the Oculus Rift check out this article. An interesting tool to try is Cardboard Design Lab. Plug your phone into a Cardboard-style headset, open the […]

VR content creation rules

VR Camera
The below information helps you decide what VR Camera type you want to start with, worth to read before you start to buy your equipment! So do i need to link multiple cameras to get a VR camera? Depends: if you want to have monoscopic video recorded you can use […]

VR Camera

VR video editing
Especially at this early stage of VR video the proper VR video editing software is key to have professional VR video content created. VR Video Editing Best Practices A, creating stereoscopic video use whatever video editing software to synchronize the videos manually use a program called FFMPEG to copy the […]

VR Video editing and YouTube

Omni-Binaural microphones
Light, Sound & Stability (use of tripod) are important to have a good quality VR video shot. With VR a proper setup is essential, as a shaky video, a bad frame rate can cause headache and unprofessional video quality. Use of tripod: Shaky cameras and hand-held footage are not ideal […]

Light, Sound & Stability for VR video

Monoscopic – Stereoscopic video: Basically Monoscopic is when there is one single point of view in the recording, while stereoscopic is when there is a separate recording for both eyes. This part is to discuss the content creation for VR using cameras capturing the real world. First it is worth […]

Monoscopic – Stereoscopic video